Curriculum Development

Sustainability Across the Disciplines

Annual Faculty Curriculum Workshop

Stipends are available for faculty wishing to integrate topics of environmental sustainability into their courses

Faculty from all disciplines are welcome to apply – we encourage diverse perspectives!

This workshop is provided through support from the Office of the Provost, Office of Undergraduate Education, BreakingGround and the UMBC Climate Action Steering Committee.

The workshop will offer concepts, detailed examples, and materials useful for developing engaging new course content across the disciplines. Participants will collaborate to develop innovative course components that inspire critical thinking in students and address pressing environmental issues.

Workshop facilitators and guest presenters will share a range of models and resources for designing content that will engage students with locally relevant issues, generate innovative research, and encourage active ecological citizenship on campus and beyond.

The ability to think critically and problem-solve around sustainability is an increasingly essential and sought-after skill. We can empower our students to examine and address real concerns, through every disciplinary lens.