Since 2016, UMBC has had an organic waste diversion program and composted 397 tons of organic materials that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Composting organic waste is good

On-campus our organic waste is taken to an industrial composting facility; thus, we are able to accept all food products for composting. Additionally, UMBC’s organic waste hauler accepts napkins, compostable flatware, and dishware.


Green Retriever Residential Composting

Compost Locations:

When collecting organic waste to be composted it is incredibly important to be careful and not contaminate compost. A few wrong items can cause a whole dumpster of organic waste to be throw out and be landfilled.

Below are items that should go in the green bin, if you are unsure if an item is compostable place it in the trash instead:

All Food Scraps/Waste

Pizza Boxes

*Compostable Containers/Cups

Wooden Stirrers/Chopsticks

Tea Bags & Coffee Grounds

Paper Towels & Napkins

*Not all to-go containers at UMBC are compostable