About UMBC’s Sustainability Office

UMBC recognizes that sustainability is about considering the complex and integrated nature of the variety of natural and human systems that maintain a thriving world.

We value all members of our community and the unique talents and abilities each offers: the ability to help us to shape, define and contribute to the advancement and betterment of our campus, community, and planet through advocacy, action, and research.

We value and invite all to contribute ideas and solutions for personal, systemic, and global stewardship. From committing to individual actions to mobilizing broader efforts, we rely on the collaboration and ingenuity of our students, staff, faculty, and partners.

computer-lab squareUMBC’s Office of Sustainability collaborates across campus to effectively catalyze and implement sustainable practices and strategies. We serve as a resource to engage and empower UMBC’s community to get involved and support our sustainable campus. We encourage our campus to serve as a model for integrated environmentally responsible practices, generated through collaboration, innovation, and shared governance. We work across the campus to reduce our collective environmental impact while creating and maintaining a healthy and just environment for all.

Taylor Smith, Assistant Director of Sustainability



Nicole Wolf, Sustainability Coordinator