Plastic Bags & Films Recycling

UMBC now offers collection and recycling of all clean plastic bags, films, and wraps! These items can be placed into one of the 35 yellow bins located throughout campus.

These plastics require a special process for recycling and cannot be recycled in single stream recycling (blue bins).






What Can Be Recycled:

Please make sure that all plastic is clean & dry before recycling. The following items can be recycled and placed in the yellow collection bins:

Shopping Bags

Produce Bags

Resealable Bags (i.e. Ziploc)

Air Pillows/Bubble Wrap

Bread Bags

Cereal Bags

Ice Bags

Plastic Mailers

Plastic Overwrap

Any #2 Plastic Bag/Film

Any #4 Plastic Bag/Film

Other Less common examples include:

  • Dry Cleaners Bags
  • Newspaper Bags
  • Electronic Wrap
  • Salt/Dirt/Mulch Bags
  • Wood Pellet Bags