Sustainability Scavenger Hunt


Welcome back retrievers! To welcome our community members back to campus, we invite you to embark on a sustainability scavenger hunt using our (UMBC) Sustainability Campus Map Application.

You have an opportunity to do the scavenger hunt completely virtually or in-person around campus. If you successfully figure out all the clues and finish the hunt, you will receive a UMBC Sustainability Matters water bottle!

How to Use the Map Application:

Launch the map application using the button below:

UMBC Sustainability Map

There you will find a dashboard, which is the landing page with titles and descriptions of the 8 different sustainability maps:

  • The Built Environment
  • Our Natural World
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Lower Impact Travel
  • Water Bottle Filling
  • Retriever Essentials
  • Take a Hike
  • Breathe Easy

Each box has a button that will take you to a map delineating sustainability features within that category. To the left of each map is an icon key. You can zoom in or out to a specific area. Click on the icons to find out more information about each sustainability feature.

Below are the instructions for the virtual scavenger hunt, please make sure to only choose one option and enjoy exploring UMBC’s sustainability features!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Instructions: