Sustainability Scavenger Hunt


Welcome back retrievers! To welcome our community members back to campus, we invite you to embark on a sustainability scavenger hunt using our (UMBC) Sustainability Campus Map Application.

You have an opportunity to do the scavenger hunt completely virtually or in-person around campus. If you successfully figure out all the clues and finish the hunt during Sept 6th-24th, you will receive a UMBC Sustainability Matters water bottle!

How to Use the Map Application:

Launch the map application using the button below:

UMBC Sustainability Map

There you will find a dashboard, which is the landing page with titles and descriptions of the 8 different sustainability maps:

  • The Built Environment
  • Our Natural World
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Lower Impact Travel
  • Water Bottle Filling
  • Retriever Essentials
  • Take a Hike
  • Breathe Easy

Each box has a button that will take you to a map delineating sustainability features within that category. To the left of each map is an icon key. You can zoom in or out to a specific area. Click on the icons to find out more information about each sustainability feature.

Below are the instructions for the hybrid or virtual scavenger hunt, please make sure to only choose one option and enjoy exploring UMBC’s sustainability features!

Around campus are gold lawn signs where sustainable features on campus are located. You will, with the help of the virtual sustainability maps, have to locate these signs and scan the QR codes.

Step 1:

Before heading off to locate these sustainable features you must first map out the locations using the various virtual sustainability maps. Make sure to write down the locations before venturing off.

Below are various clues that were placed in a suggested chronological order that creates a simple path around campus:

Clue #1

Clue #1:

Start your journey here, at the center of the Residential Life Apartments, lays brick and mortar that builds community. I’m part of the Built Environment, with a lush Green Roof and LEED Silver Certification.

Clue #2

Clue #2:

Move on to a space envisioned, built, and run by UMBC students. Plot out your route by locating a green space shared by any retriever interested in a Sustainable Lifestyle and agriculture.

Clue #3

A sustainable Built Environment does not just include buildings. This body of water is a beautiful view for students to enjoy while studying, and remains the most important stormwater management facility on campus.

Clue #4

Clue #4

Locate the lower level entrance of a building that serves as a multipurpose space where democracy, food, and community coexist. Here you will find many features to help folks Live Sustainably, like 5 Bottle Filling Stations.

Clue #5

Clue #5

Providing Essential items for all Retrievers in need, this on-campus organization helps tackle the issue of food insecurity on our campus. Go to the academic building that houses a pantry of non-perishable and personal care items.

Clue #6

Enjoy the end of your journey where art meets nature. Our Natural World on campus is easy to enjoy in this green space with beautiful benches, sculptures and a pen and paper.

Step 2:

Based on the various clues, go to the locations on campus and find the golden signs outdoors. Make sure to have your phone because all the signs have QR codes

Step 3:

Scan all the QR codes at all 6 locations. These QR codes are linked to information pages about the spaces and may require you to answer a question or upload a photo of the space!

Step 4:

Once you have located all 6 clues, email to receive your prize!