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Invasive Species Removal Day

Help stop invaders of our native ecosystem!


On Campus

Date & Time

April 26, 2024, 2:00 pm4:00 pm


We are pleased to announce we are hosting an Invasive Species Cleanup on campus on April 26th, 2024! This event was created by The Office of Sustainability in partnership with ResLife, Eco-Ambassadors, Campus Grounds, and the Environmental Task Force. Invasive species will be targeted in the wooded area northwest of the library pond.  We will meet and provide brief instruction at the terrace area by the library.  Team leaders and experts from the UMBC Grounds crew will be in attendance to assist with plant identification and removal.

This event will aim to provide attendees with 3 key learning objectives:

1.     To help bring awareness to invasive species and to instruct on proper removal methods.

2.     To engage with students, staff, and faculty for an exciting hands-on experience.

3.     Create a memorable and reoccurring event to help instill a culture of sustainability on campus!

Our pals from ResLife will provide snacks at the beginning of the event at their table. They will also be hosting a Post Pickup Party at the Apartment Community Center which will include food, drinks, native seed packs, and games to keep the good times rolling.

 We look forward to seeing you there so that we can uproot those pesky invasives and help create a more native and healthy wildlife here on campus!

Space is limited and we already have quite a few sign-ups.  Register soon using the RSVP link!