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Celebrating Today's Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony!

Another exciting morning at UMBC! At today’s undergraduate commencement, twenty-five GES majors donned their caps and gowns and walked on stage to receive their degrees. Our first photo features, from left to right: Amal Hussain, Thirandie Bambaradeniya, Aaron Chin, Sarah Johnson, and Langston Smith. The second photo includes the same students along with Dr.’s Andy Miller, Maggie Holland, and Alan Yeakley.

We’re fortunate for their hard work, their aptitude, and for the support they have provided to other GES students in their studies. (That upperclassmen wisdom goes a long way!) This is only the beginning for these twenty-five bright and promising futures. Best of luck!

Posted: December 21, 2023, 2:57 PM