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Seeking Campus Sustainability News from Outside the...

Full Title: Seeking Campus Sustainability News from Outside the US and Canada

In an effort to help our members learn from campus sustainability leaders across the globe, AASHE is startingAASHE Bulletin: Global Edition, a semi-annual newsletter that will cover sustainability stories from higher education institutions locatedoutsideof the U.S. and Canada. This new publication will supplement our weeklyAASHE Bulletin, which focuses on campus sustainability in the US and Canada.

We are inviting press release and news article suggestions for inclusion in the first issue, which we hope to release this summer. Topics will include green buildings; climate and energy initiatives, new educational programs, waste reduction efforts, and more. To submit an item for consideration, email a hyperlink to the news story or press release that is posted online to bulletin@aashe.org with the subject line, "global edition." The deadline for submissions for the first issue is July 15, 2009.

AASHE Bulletin: Global Edition Submission Guidelines**

  • We will only include items that take place outside of the U.S. and or Canada. We cover stories from within U.S. and Canada in the regularAASHE Bulletin, which is produced weekly.
  • Submitted items must be directly relevant to the campus sustainability community. We are unable to post general sustainability items.
  • Submitted items must be in English.
  • Press releases and news stories must have a 2009 publication date.
  • Items may be submitted by members and non-members alike.
  • We generally focus on news items that announce new efforts rather than coverage of ongoing initiatives. For instance, the receipt of LEED certification on a new building would fit, but a general article about a campus' green building efforts would not.
  • AASHE Bulletin: Global Editionwill include news stories and press releases from the previous six months.
  • Awards: Only those with a national or international scope will be included.
  • New buildings: We will include either the completion/dedication of a green building OR the receipt of LEED certification/other formal green building award (but not both).
  • Dorm competitions: We only include dorm v. dorm energy/water competitions once they have been completed.
  • We cannot include stories on educational events that take place on and within a single institution.
  • We cannot include stories on the participation of an individual campus in national or world-wide sustainability events that include multiple campuses (such as Earth Hour and Campus Sustainability Day). Instead, we generally post one story on the entire event. For an example, please see our coverage of Campus Sustainability Day

For ideas on the types of items we will include, please visit the AASHE Bulletin Archives.



Posted: June 29, 2009, 9:40 AM