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Flip off lights & electronics. Turn off our lights when leaving any unoccupied space, even common rooms. Reduce, unplug and shut down all electronics- both our own as well as any communal equipment not in use. Every time we flip the switch, we all breathe cleaner air, because lighting adds up to 31% of the electricity used on campus.

Lighting Efficiency Upgrades:

  • Use a desk lamp or task lighting (with energy efficient LEDs), instead of using the array of harsh overhead bulbs.
  • Remove bulbs from overhead lighting to reduce excess lighting and glare (request via work control 410-455-2550).
  • Open blinds to use natural light.

UMBC and MD Clean Energy Center partnered to upgrade our entire campus to more efficient, longer lasting lighting fixtures. Learn more! 

computers: let it rest


Use Computer/Printer Hibernate Settings. Set our computers, laptops, printers, copiers, fax machines, and any other electronics to sleep/hibernate after idle for a few minutes. Be sure to use the hibernate mode (not sleep mode) for the greatest impact. Never use screen savers- just allow the screen to darken in order to save energy.

Federal energy star program’s step by step guides for updating your computer energy saving settings!

themostats: dial it right


Cut back on heating and cooling to reduce energy loss. Temperatures should be set to 70F in winter and 76F in summer. Deviations should be reported to work control 410-455-2550. Bringing space heaters is not permitted (fire hazard). Keep windows and doors shut when heating or cooling is in effect.

Almost half of the campus carbon footprint is from heating and cooling. By lowering the thermostat by 5 degrees you save 15% of energy.

Sustainability Matters – Energy Saver from UMBC commonvision on Vimeo.


Any device with an indicator light draws energy when plugged in. That means leaving cell phone chargers plugged in, monitors, printers copiers and fax machines all waste energy if left plugged in. If it feels warm to the touch, that shows energy is being consumed- if if the device is not being charged or used!

Another way to unplug is to get outdoors! Explore UMBC’s Green Spaces and learn how to Get Around without a car, to and from campus! 227441_10150597962980035_3222938_n