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Winter Break Checklist! Before you go...

December 14, 2017 3:33 PM
Winter break is on the horizon! With over 30 green offices, and hundreds of retrievers who have pledged to adopt greener habits, more and more people at UMBC are taking action to be more mindful and environmentally responsible. Take a few quick steps to save a whole lot of energy: 
  • Turn off all computers, monitors, speakers, and printers
  • Unplug all chargers, coffee pots, TVs, printers and other electronics 
  • Close and lock windows and doors
  • Close blinds and tilt slats upwards
  • Adjust thermostat to a lower temperature: 60°F, if possible (but not off)
  • Turn off lights and electronics. 
  • Clean out and unplug mini fridge (prop door and place towel if de-icing)
  • In labs, shut fume hood sashes when not actively working at the hood
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Saving energy means more than just saving money- it also means improving air quality and reducing pollution. UMBC has committed to cutting emissions and acting on climate change. Each of us, with room, and each building on campus accumulates into a great deal of energy used (or wasted)! 

Taking 5 minutes before you leave for break- and reminding others too- can add up to significant savings over break! So gift the campus, community, and ecosystem before you go! 

Taking action to conserve is important everyday, but especially when leaving for weeks at a time!
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