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Hrabowski/Campus Leaders to lead Climate Action and Forum

September 20, 2017 4:12 PM

"“UMBC is a community that recognizes climate change as a critical, global issue,” says UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski. 
“As we increase the sustainability of our campus and involve more students, faculty, and staff in this work, we are producing researchers and leaders with the insights and skills to address this complex challenge.”

Learn more in the UMBC News article: 
UMBC to build on success in shrinking carbon footprint through updated Climate Action Plan

Campus leaders, Vice President Lynne Schaefer (Administration and Finance), and Associate Vice President Lenn Caron (Facilities) lead the campus wide committees on climate and energy. They are also spearheading efforts to update UMBC's Climate Action Plan with support from Deborah Howard, Climate Action Coordinator, and Tanvi Gadhia, Sustainability Coordinator. 

The two upcoming Climate Action Forums on Mon, Sept 25th (12-1pm lunch or 5-6pm dinner) will be an important way for the community to contribute to decisions being made about our future. 

The UMBC community can also comment online on the Sustainability Matters website

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