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Campus Sustainability Wikis

June 25, 2009 1:00 AM

For those interested in campus climate action planning, many have by now likely visited AASHE's first foray into wikis with our Climate Planning for Campuses: A How to Guide.

However, there are also over a dozen (perhaps significantly more) campuses that have experimented with using wikis to engage a wider audience and develop collaborative websites.

Probably the most well know wiki is the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia . The ability to have multiple users collaboratively write a document and add new content that can constantly be changed and updated is what first drew AASHE to use a wiki for our Climate Planning Guide. Indeed, it is our hope that this "living" document will continue to become a richer source of information as folks in the community contribute to it.

To see some other campus sustainability wiki's visit our related Campus Sustainability Wiki's page.

If you are interested in starting a wiki book on a topic related to campus sustainability, please contact me (