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Greener Student Move Out: Res Hall Donation Bins!

May 18, 2017 11:10 AM
Retriever Treasure donation bins are out TODAY! 
  • Residence Hall Lobbies
  • Apartment Community Center
  • The Commons (CIC desk)
PLEASE DONATE your gently used items as you move out this semester!! Items may include clothes, school supplies, decorations, and appliances. Please no food! 

These bins will be available all throughout move out week, and their contents will be part of a yard sale at the start of the fall semester! 


A great deal of furniture, household goods, and school supplies used to just go to waste, tossed out during move out when students realized that they couldn't fit everything in their cars. 

Instead, these things are now collected and at the start of the fall semester, students can find what they need at a campus yard sale and reuse!  Saving resources and our environment by reducing waste! 

All proceeds from the program go back into the program: funding the storage and transportation and yard sale. 

We congratulate and thank the passionate members of the UMBC student organization "Students for Environmental Awareness" for leading this initiative! Last year was the first year of this program, which won SGA Prove It grant funding! 

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We live in a world with finite resources – to keep on buying &  tossing things “away” is simply a waste that destroys our forests, ecosystems and damages communities!  The destructive effects that our current consumption/manufacturing and waste infrastructure – landfills and incinerators – has on pollution, ocean health, and climate change is well documented. This current linear consumption model of "take, make, dispose" not only depletes natural resources, but disproportionately affects the most vulnerable communities- it's an injustice that people's lives and health are sacrificed for our consumption and waste. 

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We need to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce by buying mindfully- buying less disposable items and more durable and reusable items. Donating what we no longer use or need so others don't' have to damage our communities by buying more things- and extracting resources from our communities to do so, while cutting back on the waste that piles up in landfills and incinerators, polluting our environment and harming our health. 
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With all these innovations, where does an individual on a college campus plug in? Student led organizations craft our own innovative and effective solutions-because we know the emerging generation of students has the capacity to exercise solutions for real change if they are equipped with the necessary skills to lead and organize on the microcosm of their campus. Through information sharing, coalition building, and hands on support, students work together to find replicable solutions and put them into action! 

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