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UMBC to Pursue Plastics Reduction Partner Program

National Wildlife Federation & Campus Race to Zero Waste

The National Wildlife Federation and the Campus Race to Zero Waste Program is excited to announce a new certification program for colleges and universities taking action to reduce the purchase and use of plastics on campus. 

There are three levels of certification:

Bronze (18-48 points): Introductory badge - your college or university is newer to the plastics reduction space, and trying to get the word out about the need for change.

**Silver (49-74 points): Intermediate badge - your college or university is reducing plastics in practice, and your impact is visible campus-wide.

Green (75-100 points): Advanced level badge - your college or university is institutionally committed, and demonstrating leadership in the plastics reduction space as a true change agent.

**UMBC is working towards the Silver designation

More Information about the Plastics Reduction Partner Program: 

The Plastics Reduction Partner program is on a three-year cycle to integrate into action and reporting associated with AASHE STARS processes. Campuses will be asked to re-apply for certification every three years to remain current, and your three year date is determined by the month and year of your last submission.

Campuses are encouraged to review the action and documentation requirements for the next certification level regularly to determine if you are eligible for the next level of certification. Campuses can apply for the next level of certification at any time, they do not have to wait three years. The Plastics Reduction Partner program is eligible for AASHE STARS innovation credits. 

For additional information please visit: https://recyclemania.org/home-4/about-recyclemania/plastics-reduction-partner/

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional information and how you can help UMBC! 


Posted: January 6, 2022, 12:23 PM