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Energy Conservation Guidelines

Heating and Cooling has the biggest impact on our energy use and carbon footprint, along with electricity use and transportation. Here’s what all of us can be doing to save energy on campus:

Temperature Control

  • We keep windows and exterior doors closed to keep air conditioning inside.
  • We stay comfortable by dressing for the weather, instead of plugging in extra space heaters.
  • We never use space heaters on campus. Facilities Management’s HVAC Shop may provide temperature space heaters if there is an issue with the heating system.
  • We keep equipment (such as copiers or PCs) and large furniture away from thermostats.

Temperature set points:

  • Our set points are 70o F in the heating season (winter) and 76o F in the cooling season (summer)
  • These are consistent with federal/state guidelines of 68o F in winter and 78o F in summer.
  • Set points are set by Facilities Management for centrally controlled systems.
  • When we control thermostats we to adhere to these settings.
  • We report a room or area that is beyond the range of 68o F and 78o F by notifying Work Control (410-455-2550).
  • Spaces with critical temperature requirements (such as research labs), can request an exception to the campus standards by contacting UMBC’s Energy Manager, Shawn Blum (


  • We turn off lights- everytime we leave a room and everywhere we see unoccupied space- and whenever daylight provides sufficient lighting.
  • On hot, sunny days, we partially close the shades or blinds to reduce the solar heat gain.
  • We use task lighting, adding light only on the area where we are working.
  • Except for reasonable display lightly (such as in retail areas), we don’t use purely decorative lighting, inside or outside.


  • When purchasing computers, monitors, electronic equipment, electrical appliances, etc., we look for products with the Energy Star label- choose the most energy-efficient products when possible.
  • We set our computer and monitor to hibernate when unattended for more than 15 minutes. If you need instructions visit:
  • We nable power management features on copiers and office equipment so that they automatically power down and hibernate when not in use, such as nights and weekends.
  • We share a fridge and other appliances with our officemates and neighbors, rather than each of us plugging in our own mini fridge and coffeemaker in every room.


  • In unoccupied spaces during nights, weekends, and holidays, air conditioning equipment/fans are shut off.
  • Unoccupied space temperatures float down to 60o F in the heating season and up to 85o F in the cooling season.
  • For warehouse/storage areas with no air conditioning, the heater’s thermostats will be set no higher than 55o F.
  • Domestic hot water temperatures and hot water heaters will be set at 115o F.