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Waste tonnage generated by UMBCUMBC has encouraged and promoted recycling on campus since the 1970’s when the campus served as a recycling collection for the county.  Since 2007, UMBC has steadily decreased the amount of waste sent to the landfill.  Carbon emissions associated with waste have averaged approximately 553 MTeCO2 per year, which is approximately 0.65% of the UMBC’s total carbon footprint. 

UMBC has focused its attention on the reduction of solid waste sent to the landfill.  Over the last decade, the university has implemented the following initiatives to reduce GHG emissions associated with solid waste:

  • Participation in the National Wildlife Federation’s Recyclemania competition (every year since 2007)
  • Waste management module in the Green Office Certification Program
  • Introduction of organic waste diversion (e.g., compost collection) on campus
  • Ability to request composting for events
  • Single stream recycling program
  • Hosting campus-wide electronic recycling events