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Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle at home does not have to be hard or expensive. Practicing sustainability at home means that you are able to meet all the needs of today without compromising the ability of others to meet their needs tomorrow. Achieving this balance of needs, while simple enough in theory, ultimately relies on the commitment of individuals to consider the impact of their choices on the world around us and to change their actions to reduce that impact. A challenge of living sustainably is an individual’s belief in their ability to make a difference.

As we consider the complex challenges associated with the environment, economics, and society it is easy to believe that our daily choices have little to no impact on the state of sustainability in the world. However, we need to remember each household consumes water, energy, food, and generates waste on a regular basis. Imagine the impact if just a few of our neighbors decided to follow your lead and increase their own sustainability?! Every house contains potential opportunities to reduce one’s footprint and increase its sustainability.

We have created the “Sustainability @Home” toolkit to help provide guidance and ideas for making sustainable decisions. Sustainable solutions for our world require the collective participation of us all—government, businesses, non-governmental organizations, community groups, and families—working together. This toolkit contains many ideas for you and your family to implement in your own home and share with your community. Together, we can make a real difference today that will make our world a better, healthier place for generations to come.

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