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How to Join?

Joining and getting certified in the program involves 6 simple steps!

  1. Invite the Office of Sustainability to your next all-staff meeting to give a small 10 min presentation on the program and UMBC sustainability. To set up a Green Office presentation email us at

  2. Get staff and faculty approval within your office space to join the program. 
  3. Set up a small group of passionate individuals in your office tasked with implementing the program. This will be your office’s Green Team and the point of contact with the Office of Sustainability. 
  4. Review and fill out your office’s baseline assessment. Before filling out your baseline assessment we recommend reviewing all the questions in the PDF version.
  5. The Office of Sustainability will review your baseline submission and schedule a meeting with your Green Team. 
  6. Review your checklist, receive points for sustainable actions, level-up, and get rewarded!