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Green Office Certification

Green Office Badges showing the different levels of bronze, silver, gold, and the best green

What is the Green Office Program? 

The Green Office Program is a voluntary and competitive program that rewards staff and faculty for adopting more sustainable practices. The program seeks to:

  • Help offices understand how sustainable their current operations are 
  • Train members and provide resources on ways offices can operate more efficiently and sustainably 
  • Reward and recognize offices for reducing their ecological footprint  

The program is designed to make becoming more sustainable easy and fun! The Office of Sustainability provides a Green Office Checklist, which establishes a point system for each sustainable action. More points are rewarded for actions that have the largest positive ecological impact. Our office is here to provide resources and consultation to help guide Green Teams through the four levels of certification.

Why Join? 

UMBC’s 2020 Climate Action Plan has established a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050 While Facilities Management and other campus stakeholders will be working diligently on projects to reduce our carbon footprint, reaching net-zero emissions involves the whole UMBC community. The Green Office program is an opportunity for your office to come together and help our campus reach our goals. 

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