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Courses with curriculum related to the Environment

As reported by the Department or Program

Course Frequency:



(I)= Infrequent



ART 431                          Graphic Design III: Human Environmental Design

American Studies

AMST 372                          American Food (A)

AMST 388                         American Environments: Landscape and Culture (A)

AMST 356                         Special Topics in Community and Diversity, Gender & the Environment

Ancient Studies

ARCH 410                           Archaeological Methods and Theory  (B)


BIOL 142                              Foundations of Biology: Ecology and Evolution

BIOL 457                             Physiology of Marine and Estuarine Animals

BIOL 483                             Evolution:  From Genes to Genomes


ECON 439                          Environmental Economics (A)

ECON 437                           Economics of Natural Resources (I)

ECON 405                           Benefit Cost Analysis (A)

Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering

ENCH 210                           Introduction to Environmental Engineering

ENCH 310                           Environmental Chemistry and Biology

ENCH 412                           Environmental Physiochemical Processes

ENCH 414                           Environmental Biological Processes

ENCH 476                           Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

ENCH 474                           Air Pollution

ENCH 489                           Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (A)

Health Administration and Policy

HAPP 402                            Environmental Health Policy (A)

HAPP 403                            Intro. To International Field Research Methods (A)

HAPP ?                                The Social Impact of Env. Health Policy in Maryland (summer on line)

Interdisciplinary Studies

INDS 430                            Food:  An Interdisciplinary Exploration (I)

Mathamathics and Statistics

STAT 414                            Environmental Statistics (A)

Modern Languages and Literature

MLL 240                              Project in Cultural Sustainability


PHIL 454                             Animals and the Environment (I)

Political Science

POLI 349                             Environmental Politics (A)


PHYS 335                            Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (B)

Geography and Environmental Systems

GES 102                              Human Geography (A)

GES 110                              Physical Geography (A)

GES 120                              Environmental Science and Conservation (A)

GES 220                              Lab and Field Techniques in Environmental Science Lab (A)

GES 286                              Exploring the Environment: A Geo-Spatial Perspective (A)

GES 305                              Landscape Ecology (A)

GES 307                              Conservation Biology (I)

GES 308                              Ecology (A)

GES 310                              Geomorphology (A)

GES 311                              Weather and Climate (A)

GES 313                              Biogeography (A)

GES 318                              Natural Environment of the Chesapeake Bay (I)

GES 319                              Watershed Science and Management (A)

GES 326                              American Conservation Thought (B)

GES 327                              Cultural Ecology (I)

GES 328                              Environmental Policy (A)

GES 329                              Geography of Disease and Health (A)

GES 363                              World Regions: Contemporary International Issues (i)

GES 381                              Remote Sensing (A)

GES 386                              Geographic Information Systems (A)

GES 400                              Conservation & Development in the Tropics

GES 404                              Forest Ecology (A)

GES 405                              Applied Landscape Ecology (B)

GES 406                              Aquatic Ecology (A)

GES 408                              Field Ecology (A)

GES 411                              Fluvial Geomorphology (B)

GES 413                              Seminar in Biogeography (A)

GES 415                              Climate Change (B)

GES 416                              Hydrology (B)

GES 419                              Watershed Analysis and Modeling (B)

GES 428                              Environmental Science and Policy (A)

GES 429                              Seminar in Geography of Health and Disease (A)

GES 432                              Seminar in Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (I)

GES 434                              Wildlife Law and the Endangered Species Act (B)

GES 451                              Urban Sustainability (B)

GES 461                              Spatial Analysis of Coupled Human-Natural Systems (B)

GES 481                              Digital Image Processing for Environmental Applications

GES 485                              Field Research in Geography (B)

First Year Seminar (FYS):

Global Warming, Dr Ray Hoff

Sustainability in American Culture, Dr Rita Turner

Graduate level Courses with curriculum related to the Environment


SCIE 504                      The Environment (Chesapeake Bay)

SCIE 506                      The Designed World

SCIE 509                      Environmental Engineering Design (approval pending)


ECON 637                    Economics of Natural Resources

Geography and Environmental Systems

GES 600                              Conservation & Development in the Tropics

GES 604                              Forest Ecology

GES 605                              Applied Landscape Ecology

GES 606                              Aquatic Ecology

GES 608                              Field Ecology

GES 611                              Fluvial Morphology

GES 613                              Seminar in Biogeography

GES 615                              Climate Change

GES 616                              Hydrology

GES 619                              Watershed Analysis and Modeling

GES 628                              Environmental Science and Policy

GES 629                              Seminar in Geography of Health and Disease (A)

GES 632                              Seminar in Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (I)

GES 634                              Wildlife Law and the Endangered Species Act (B)

GES 651                              Urban Sustainability (B)

GES 661                              Spatial Analysis of Coupled Human-Natural Systems (B)

GES 681                              Digital Image Processing for Environmental Applications

GES 685                              Field Research in Geography (B)


Physics 621                        Atmospheric Physics I

Physics 622                        Atmospheric Physics II

Physics 650                        Special Topics in Atmospheric Physics

Physics 721                        Atmospheric Radiative Physics

Physics 722                        Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Atmosphere

Physics 731                        Atmospheric Dynamics

Physics 732                        Computational Fluid Dynamics