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On Campus Internship: Electric Vehicle Education Program

May 8, 2017 2:23 PM
BEVI, the Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative, is a non-profit focused on electric vehicle education and outreach.  BEVI is looking for summer interns to advance our mission by joining our 2017 summer Electric Vehicle Education Program (EVEP).  The internship will be around 10 weeks, starting in mid-june through early August, 25 hours a week at $10/hour.  The focus would be on developing materials, such as videos, to support electric vehicles in Maryland -- web resources, signage, and social media.

This is a great internship for a communications major. 

Please find the application materials attached. 

Internship Coordinator:  Jill Sorensen

Locations:  Maryland Institutions of Higher Education

Phone:   443-514-7122


EVEP Internship Description

BEVI, the Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative, is a non-profit focused on electric vehicle education and outreach.  BEVI is looking for summer interns to advance our mission by joining our 2017 summer Electric Vehicle Education Program (EVEP).  

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This internship program was started in 2013 and includes University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), Towson University, Maryland Institution College of Art (MICA), and John’s Hopkins University. 

The objectives of the 2017 EVEP are to engage interns who will work from the UMBC campus on continuing EV education and outreach, with a special focus on supporting and improving the existing website and related social media feeds, workplace charging, and urban planning for the emergence of EV mobility.  EVEP interns will be expected to develop a summer electric vehicle work plan with supervision from BEVI. The work plan will target the core objectives of the 2017 EVEP Program, namely these:

  • Improve the content on and user interface of the Statewide electric vehicle website,, in collaboration with BEVI, UMBC and EV stakeholders, including institutions of higher education, local utilities, state agencies and industry;
  • Engage social media and plan related communication campaigns, particularly for workplace charging outreach, for the purpose of maximizing education, outreach and idea exchange concerning electric vehicles; and
  • Create three EV videos to help educate and promote EV adoption and use in Maryland.

A stipend of $2,500 will be provided to participants on a schedule and terms agreed upon between the student and their respective host institution.   Work hours and attendance will be 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Students will be responsible for getting to and from internship meeting locations, which will be based at UMBC, but may change depending upon special local EV education outings or events. Accommodations will be made as needed for various summer schedules, doctors appointments, etc.

Internship Objectives and Internship Skills Sought

·      UI/UX: Improve website with current EV educational content, better user interface and experience.

·      Communication: Develop electric vehicle educational material to help inform others about electric vehicles and EV infrastructure (where to plug in to re-fuel). Build upon core social media communication systems for community EV readiness, information, news and events.

·      Software and data analytics: Help plan and execute smart street light pilot in West Baltimore.

·      Videography skills

·      Survey research: Prepare for and launch smart street light survey of stakeholders for smart street light pilot in West Baltimore

·      Economic and financial proficiency: Evaluate monetization strategies and business models to converge IT, clean energy and clean transportation infrastructure development of the proposed B’Smart Street Light Pilot in West Baltimore.


Intern Responsibilities / Attendance Policy

Interns are expected to attend all weekly webinars and online communications, complete scheduled activities before they are due so that group discussions will be productive, and participate actively during EVEP discussions and activities.  If an intern is unable to participate in a particular week due to outside obligations or unforeseen circumstances, then the intern is required to coordinate make-up time with their host institution. 

EVEP Advisors: 

Jill A. TarzJill Sorensenian Sorensen is a senior innovation manager with over twenty-five years of experience in emerging technology, intellectual asset, business and economic development management.  She is the co-founder and executive director of BEVI, the Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative, a division of the non-profit International Center for Sustainable Development. Through BEVI and Jill’s other emerging technology work, Jill has facilitated the raise of $81.5 million in capital for technology and economic development initiatives in Maryland, across the U.S. and globally.  Jill has served as professional faculty at Johns Hopkins University 2005-present, teaching social entrepreneurship, innovation, business ethics and technology transfer.  She sits on the American Friends advisory board of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Board of the International Center for Sustainable Development and rWilo, 3D printing company.  Jill earned her J.D. from DePaul University, her B.A. from Northwestern University, pursued graduate studies in chemistry at the University of Illinois, and was a visiting scholar to the University of Oxford in 2004 and 2007.  She has served as a panel and sole arbitrator in commercial disputes for the past twenty years, is a registered patent attorney in the United States, and is registered to practice law in Illinois and in the federal 7th circuit district court.

Jack Suess Jack Suessis the Vice President of Information Technology at UMBC and the university’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). The Vice President provides university leadership for information technology and serves on the executive leadership team of the university. The Vice President is responsible for  providing information technology services in support of teaching and scholarship, research computing, and administrative support. Reporting directly to the President, the Vice President is responsible for strategic planning and implementation, coordination, budget, personnel, and policy related to information technology at UMBC.

More about Electric Vehicles (EV's):

 The Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) has adopted the idea of EV-ready transit hubs, a bit at a time. They’ve identified 10 locations as part of BaltimoreLink, starting in West Baltimore!

Maryland just extended Electric Vehicle tax credits and the Maryland Clean Car Act. Last month were legislation signings with the Governor and Speakers of the Maryland House and Senate. 

How can Electric Vehicles help at-risk communities, those that might suffer from pollution or detrimental effects of development, or have limited access to buying a car?  

1.  Electric Vehicles cool the planet. Climate change is warming oceans, causing rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns. How do we, especially Eastern shore and Southern Maryland communities, prepare for these events and trends? How can EVs be used as emergency response preparedness resources?

2.  In Maryland, we remain largely a driving culture. How can EVs (note - cars AND buses, trucks, shuttles, bikes and drones) become part of a more comprehensive Maryland plan to develop our transportation infrastructure to advance mobility while we reduce congestion? 

3.  Transit Oriented Development - how do we incorporate EVs into plans for new development to reduce emissions and congestion, and raise awareness of new economic opportunities from new infrastructure developments? Example, Amtrak is renovating Penn Station in Baltimore. Can they make room for EVs as part of that renovation? Their minds are on real estate and rail development, not energy management. But, EVs are mobile batteries, soon to be autonomous. 
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