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Waste & Dinner Discussion: Think Globally, Act Locally

February 22, 2017 4:36 PM
Think Globally, Act Locally
Waste and Environmental Justice Awareness Dinner: 
Wednesday, March 15th , 7pm-9pm

What is RecycleMania: 2017 is UMBC's 10th year participating in the 8-week tournament between campuses, tracking and comparing our waste reduction, recycling, and composting rates. 

Learn about recycling:

Food waste dinner*: An introduction to gleaning and food waste, where tonight's dinner came from, who cooked it, how to stay involved.

Personal story sharing: Share a handful of personal stories about the ways that consumption and disposal has affected communities around the world, as told by UMBC students. 

Discussion: Why is it important to be mindful of our consumption and waste in our own lives? What are the consequences? 

Game: We'll end with a trivia quiz with tips and resources on how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost on campus- complete with prizes and giveaways.

* You MUST bring a reusable plate and fork to partake in the meal. 

Hosted by UMBC Eco-Ambassadors & partner organizations  

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