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Staff: Green Office Certification

The Green Office Program is a voluntary, recognition-based carbon reductions program to launch spring 2014.

The Green Office Program provides resources to assist offices in reducing waste and conserving energy, including

  • Training on sustainable practices tailored to our campus
  • A network of sustainability champions
  • A short list of the smartest and simplest actions
  • Certification and recognition for offices
  • A toolkit with reminders, recycling bins and more

By taking the lead and setting an example with sustainable practices, Green Offices will be leaders and role models in wisely conserving resources.

Participation in the program should take less than 2 hours for office members, including a one hour staff meeting convened by the liaison.  At the meeting, office members review the program, document their participation, and select practices from the checklist. The liaison is a voluntary role requiring an estimated 5 hours-including a 1 hour training/information session, facilitating a 1-hour staff meeting with their office, implementing checklist items and any time spent gaining approval and reporting back.

The program has been developed by Tanvi Gadhia, Sustainability Coordinator, and the Green Office Work Group under the leadership of the Climate Change Task Force.

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