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Our Carbon Footprint: Energy & Climate

At UMBC 20% of our energy comes from renewable clean energy, and we actively pursue opportunities to reduce energy consumption. In 2007, President Hrabowski signed on to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment and formed the Climate Change Task Force. We have calculated our emissions and developed a climate action plan along annual updates on our progress, published at

Climate Change Task Force

net CO2 emissionsComprised of faculty, staff, and students the Climate Change Task Force has been charged with advising President Hrabowski on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the campus community, to engage the campus community in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to promote and support instruction and research on the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out more details, videos, photos and stories with our 5 year report!

Climate Change Task Force:

Climate Change Task Force Chair:
Lynne Schaefer, Vice President Administration and Finance
Administration and Finance, Administration Bldg , Room 925
Waste & Energy Work Group Chair:
Rusty Postlewate, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Mgmt.
Facilities Management, Facilities Management Bldg , Room RM #106A
Transportation Work Group Chair:
Julianne Simpson, Assistant Director for Planning
Facilities Management, Facilities Management Bldg , Room 102G
Research & Education Work Group Chair:
Virginia Mcconnell,Professor, Economics
Economics, Public Policy , Room 332
Campus Outreach Work Group Chair:
Jack Suess, VP of IT
Division of Information Technology, Engineering/Computer Science Bldg, Room 125