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Eat Sustainably

Sustainable Food at UMBC:Slide18

Join a group:

Food Coalition:

The coalition is comprised of a group of UMBC faculty, staff, students and community partners who care about food systems issues, and wish to  stay connected on events, research and service opportunities that will  advance just, healthy, and sustainable agriculture and distribution.

Wellness Initiative:
The UMBC Wellness Initiative proclaims: we are a resilient, healthy community committed to the health and well being of each of our faculty, staff, and students. We understand the connection between self-care and our responsibility to care for the whole.

The Garden:
A community engagement initiative to establish involvement and support for the community garden on campus. The garden is located next to theSlide3

Oxfam is an international organization that addresses issues of hunger, poverty and injustice. On campus the UMBC Oxfam chapter raises awareness of Oxfam’s initiatives and have been focusing on the Grow campaign to restore agricultural balance.

UMBC Vegetarians
The UMBC Vegetarians has been established for the purpose of representing vegetarians, vegans, and other members of the UMBC community with alternative dietary preferences in the Student Governmant Association; and to provide awareness to the UMBC community about the contents of foodstuffs available around the University in regards to those dietary preferences.

Farmers Markets